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For all laser cutting enquiries please email:

We specialize in manufacturing for the machinery, construction, electronic, medical, telecommunications and automotive industries through precision sheet metal fabrications and laser cutting services including prototype parts and large volume cutting.

We use the latest fiber laser cutting technology to produce consistently accurate components across a wide range of materials and sheet thickness.

We use latest software which enables existing drawings and models to be imported and processed easily. We can accept several data formats i.e. DXF / DWG, SAT / STEP / IGES files.

All parts are automatically nested onto a raw material sheet to ensure the best possible use of material and best value for our customers. Our lasers operate on a shift pattern to provide a fast order turn-around service.

Because CNC laser cutting makes parts with no tool force, many parts can be fabricated without expensive tooling and fixtures. Small features, sharp corners, and closely spaced features are all handled more easily by laser cutting than by conventional milling or punching.

Fibre optic laser is the newest type of laser cutting, it ensures complete accuracy combined with high speed cutting, but uses less power resources. The laser is generated at the power source, is carried to the cutting head via fibre optic cable where gases are introduced and the cutting starts.

The advantages of fibre optic laser cutting are incredible accuracy, combined with cutting speeds unseen up until a couple of years ago, as well as making us very competitive. It also means that parts do not suffer from heat distortion, this is due in part to the speed the laser head is travelling, and also due to the gases we use to aid the cutting process.

The different shapes we can cut are only limited by what you can draw. We are able to work from Autocad drawings, Adobe PDFs, hand drawn sketches, templates, scanned drawings or photographs. For custom designs, please submit your files and details to

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