A press brake, also known as a brake press, is a machine tool for bending/folding sheet and plate material, most commonly sheet metal. It forms predetermined bends by clamping the work piece between a matching punch and die.

Typically, two C-frames form the sides of the press brake, connected to a table at the bottom and on a moveable beam at the top. The bottom tool is mounted on the table with the top tool mounted on the upper beam.

Our 175 tonne press brake is a multi axis machine which gives us greater accuracy and control over components that we need to press.

The machine excels in folding intricate small quantity batches of thinner materials, but is easily at home pressing full 3 meter lengths of thicker materials up to 6mm. 

The CNC controller allows us to calculate the undeveloped flat shape size before we commit to cutting parts, to ensure that set up and test folds are kept to a minimum.

It’s not just high volume work we cater for; we regularly do smaller batch size runs and one off items. The type of things we have developed and made for our customers range from simple brackets, trays, large aluminium tool chests, customised computer cabinets & artistic sculptures.